VISTAGE CEO Peer Advisory


VISTAGE CEO Peer Advisory


n February, 2010, Croix Connect CEO Brian Roberts started his first Executive Peer Advisory Group working within Vistage’s program, and he now runs three groups.  Two groups in the Washington DC metro area and one in Baltimore.

Vistage Executive Peer Advisory Group meetings entail a candid give-and-take, where trusted peers ask each other tough, in-depth questions that get to the heart of any business problem.  Members provide direct, unbiased, agenda-free feedback.  They create a trusted forum where they can share issues they face every day, from payroll to personnel, and then derive actionable ideas they can implement immediately into their business.

This program includes the following

  • Monthly, full-day problem-solving summits with a peer team of chief executives, presidents, or business owners, professionally facilitated by a seasoned Vistage business champion.
  • Monthly individual coaching/advising/consulting sessions with the Chair.
  • Up to eight workshops a year led by a Vistage professional speaker with sector or functional expertise.
  • Access to an online best practices library, member conferences and a network of more than 20,000 global business leaders, including over 500 in the Washington DC-Baltimore area alone.

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