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eteran athletes often resort to old habits they, and their coaches, believed they had long outgrown during a rut, a stagnant period, or occasional complacency – this can strike any successful person, team or company. Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter and countless other superstars have endured the stress of a season grind that inhibited their trained reactions and “success triggers.” One slip-up and these pros would double their training and assess the resources available to them. Executives are no different. Faced with enormous day-to-day challenges, executives must make hair-trigger decisions based on their knowledge, experience and training. However, even successful executives need to recondition their empowering business practices for sustained success.

Croix Connect features a team of coaches and strategists that focus on your needs in order to improve performance.

After an assessment and agreement on the “to be” state, Croix Connect executive coaches conduct regular meetings or conference calls with you. We help you think through personal and business strategies to enhance your success ratio. Based on your team need or preference, we can visit with you in person to conduct your one-on-one coaching sessions as you game plan for your corporate team.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader Program is uniquely targets up and coming, high potential leaders who are at a transformational stage in their development. They need to either step up and step out, or retreat back to the ranks of other valuable individual performers. This program helps them make the shift.
We believe Leadership is not something you “Do” or “Have” — It is a state of Being. Our program guides participants through a self-discovery process to accentuate their talents, capabilities and competencies. It also allows participants to build confidence in their abilities to lead, and invigorates their drive to do so.

Sample Program Components

  • Role in Vision, Mission, Values
  • Leadership Persona
  • Mindsets for Success
  • Executive Success Assessment
  • Situational Leadership
  • Influence & Inspiration
  • Step Change Thru Commitment
  • Preparation for Rapid Progression
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