I have worked with Brian as VISTAGE Chair. Brian has built a great group with CEOs that are passionate about growing their own businesses and at the same time supporting other owners/CEOs. Brian is a sincere leader with integrity, tact and resourcefulness. He is always focused on your success. While he holds you accountable, he never fails to encourage you by recognizing achievements.

Ashok Thareja
CEO – A&T Systems

Brian has a been a peerless business colleague, friend, and mentor as long as I have been in business. He gave me my first earned revenue in my first company, was a continuous trusted advisor, and a is a trusted friend and complete confidant in all matters, large and small. I can give him my highest recommendation for personal character and professional integrity.

Don Zacherl
Founding Partner – VICI Labs


  • Halt, Buzas and Powell
  • Berlin Ramos

Business Services

  • Weyh Roberts & Assoc.


  • Northpoint Builders
  • Kibart
  • Altimate Electric

Facilities Services

  • Crockett Facilities Services
  • Integrity National Corp

Financial Services

  • Glass Jacobson
  • Ceros Financial
  • Merrill Lynch


  • Rainfield Group


  • Brown & Brown


  • Leonhardt Mfg
  • Zumbotel
  • Closet America

Social Media

  • Plants Map

Technology – Commercial

  • ARHD/All Covered
  • Canton Group
  • CFN Services
  • Armature Corp.
  • ZyEdge
  • Advantage Engineers
  • i4DM
  • AB&T Telecom
  • Business Engineering
  • Corsec Security
  • Zope Corporation
  • AnyBill
  • B-Line Medical

Technology – Government

  • Prosync Technology
  • T3 Tiger-Tech
  • A&T Solutions
  • Universal Space Network
  • Integrity One Partners
  • Three Wire Systems
  • MBL Technologies
  • TAPE
  • Elemental Solutions
  • Integrity Management Consultants